young shepherd

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Ilya Bugaev
printed on C-Type Matt

For many years, work has been in full swing in the gorge near Trinka village, Moldova. For centuries, lime has been mined here, burned, and it went to all the environs, strengthening the glory of this small village. Today, the walls of this natural “career” are overgrown with grass and trees, old stoves are destroyed, and this village is famous for its meadows rather than its fossil resources. However, there is enough work here now. Herds of sheep grazing require a shepherd. It was important for me to capture the calm and tranquility in the eyes of this young shepherd, cut off from work, knocked out of his routine by a visit of an unexpected guest. This is exactly what is rarely seen in the bustle of the city in the eyes of those whose labor is alienated, whose leisure is not colored by unity with the beautiful landscapes of nature.