Watching a Balloon Rise 08

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Yiming Zhang
printed on C-Type Matt

This project draws its inspiration from the mathematical study of chaotic systems characterized by a high degree of freedom. Given the limit to human’s computational power and the extent to which full information about such a system could be acquired, even the tiniest change in the setting-up of the system would have ramifications that are, albeit deterministic, profound and unpredictable. This theoretical limit to predictability and knowledge of causality echoes with and intensifies a similar concern that underlies the daily practice of making decisions: trivial and subconscious acts of decision-making, framed in this light, might impact one’s life in significant ways that one can never be aware of. This heightened realization of the onslaught of causality and the fear of the ultimate futility of attempts at gaining control in this causal process present themselves as this bizarre visual fiction.