The Once Mighty Ko'olau

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Leah Schretenthaler
printed on Giclée Hahnemühle German Etching

Interstate Highway 3 or commonly known as H3 was a long and controversial build. It is believed to be the most expensive interstate highway ever built. This project took nearly 40 years as it encountered many protests during its planning and construction. Environmental complaints and legal issues were able to stall the process but in the end the H3 was built. Supporters of the H3 saw this infrastructure as a faster way that connected one part of the island to another. Which then would and allow property values to go up and a growth in real estate. The cultural and community protesters feared the infrastructure would desecrate many sacred sites and also one of the sacred mountain ranges on Oahu. The weakening of the environment is evident in this image as I tried to laser cut out one of the most controversial builds on Oahu. The actual removal of the structure on the paper has weakened the paper as a whole.