The Big Score

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Thomas Nielsen
printed on Giclée Canson Baryta Gloss

Football was invented by the British in 1863, when “The Football Association” was formed. Here for the first time rules for the simple ball game that require a minimum of equipment was sketched.
Football lives in the British soul. Every week they cheer and support their teams, but not just in the Premier League.
Millions of English football fans also shout in the lower divisions. In West London club Brentford FC - playing in the second best series "Championship" one is used to not always winning, but the form curve is increasing, and this year some believes in the miracle: Making it to Premier League.

Standing areas have been banned in Britain since the early 90s after the Hillsborough accident in 1989, with 96 fatalities and 766 injured, during an FA Cup semi final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest. It was the worst disaster in British sporting history.
Griffin Parks standing area only exists because of a dispensation and has gained great popularity among fans. Also for 36 year old Dan Giles who could never dream of watching the game from anywhere else.