Sunset Double Exposure

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I took two different pictures

Portrait Photo Taken; May 2017
Portrait Photo Taken; Peterborough Regional College Studio
Portrait Photo For; Work experience to do with Fashion
Portrait Photo How; Using studio equipment, studio lights and a camera, with a model.

Landscape Photo Taken; January 2017
Landscape Photo Taken; Hinchingbrooke Park
Landscape Photo why; Love Landscapes my favourite photography
Landscape Photo How; Using natural lighting and my camera.

I created this double exposure because I love Portraits and Landscapes, and wanted to use my techniques and my passion to mix them together, and create this double exposure. I done this by using Adobe Photoshop using different tools to create this look.

Poppy Cornell , Fine Art C-Type on Gloss
347.00mm x 438.00mm, 13.70" x 17.20"