Silent Journey

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At the height of the dry season in Savute, Botswana, the bull elephants are forced to rely upon pumped waterholes and this year, they would often queue 24 hours a day at this specific one. I have spent many nights spread over several years, shooting in the dark from the ground, trying to capture the perfect photograph of them under the stars and have always been amazed at how silently they wander past me, uninterested in my presence. This time, I wanted to capture the essence of their noiseless journey, so just after sunset, I waited until one started to move towards me before pressing the shutter, using an off-camera flash to freeze its movement.

James Gifford , Fine Art C-Type on Gloss
455.00mm x 694.00mm, 17.90" x 27.30"
390.00mm x 594.00mm, 15.40" x 23.40"
276.00mm x 420.00mm, 10.90" x 16.50"