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"Reflections" is about our everyday life, about how everything we do gets to be seen wherever you look - all the things you did and all the things that will come.
It was taken to make people think about everything they do and of course to show Latvia`s beautiful wheat fields...
The image was taken in Ceraukste ,Latvia in wind damaged wheat field. It was taken using a dslr. Chrome ball was created using 360 photo which was later used in blender software to create the final result.

Reinis Stiķis , Fine Art C-Type on Gloss
411.00mm x 616.00mm, 16.20" x 24.30"
206.00mm x 309.00mm, 8.10" x 12.20"
288.00mm x 432.00mm, 11.30" x 17.00"