I Want To See The Land How It Used To Be

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Leah Schretenthaler
printed on Giclée Hahnemühle German Etching

Back on Oahu my friends and I would do many hikes all over the island. The hikes that lead us to be above the trees would often greet us with a scene very much like this. It was so wild for me to see the growth of buildings and houses all over the landscape. They seemed to be a swarm that crawled against the the land that I knew as home. This view is seen from a lookout from Koko Head, a local hike. The view on top provides a full 360 degree views that go from Diamond Head, Hanauma Bay, and Sandy’s Beach. But these views of the natural coast line and mountain range crawl with houses, buildings, and roads. The houses seemed to be etched into the mountain side as if it was a river that flowed down.
As I began laser cutting the images that depicted the growth in real estate along the mountains, the paper obviously became weaker. For the first time I physically saw how much growth there has been through real estate. Taking away these man made structures I wanted to be able to just try to see the land in its most natural state.