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María Sol Leonardi
printed on C-Type Matt

Freedom of a naked body.
A body that de-structures.
A body that perceives and expresses.
A comfortable body to be, to meet and to love.
A body that revolutionizes.
A body that is art.
A body and all bodies.

I was always fascinated by the human body, even in the smallest detail. I consider it a very powerful tool, and that is why many fear it or do not want to show it. But if there is no body, there is no subject, that is why they filled us with ideals of a body that encloses us in many canons of beauty practically unattainable and even unhealthy.
The body of the woman has to RESPECT and naturalize. The body is something so natural, and yet we see a nude and everything becomes chaotic. But it does not happen if you are a skinny, tall woman with good attributes. We do see them daily in any medium and on the street, because that is what they make us consume.

I think that today there is a very important revolution is the acceptance of our own body, that of learning to love and to be in it. To be free A constant struggle with the same society, which feeds us on things we do not need.

And as I said before, today is what we see most marked in the role of women, I live it myself. But it is a process by which we should all pass, "a body and all bodies." Because after all, we are all the same, people.