Belonging to ourselves

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María Sol Leonardi
printed on C-Type Matt

One of the greatest taboo in latín american's society is women's sexuality and more about her pleasure pattern/shape.
We have been imposed to boundaries over our own bodies. We are sexualized very early to men's liking. We are forced to depilate, to make up in order to be more attractive than we are by nature. Although men's culture impose us to be extremely careful from their incontrolable excitation.
Who cares about our sexuality needs and about our consent?
For decades, our self consciousness and self pleasure has been denied to us. We are not only a pleasure object and target for men we are thinking persons with all the rights to be free to think and feel for ourselves.
Feminism has taught me to understand that our self pleasure is another step in our fight because, in order to live in an equal society, we have the same rights as men. To be able to live a free sexuality we have to be free to know our own bodies.
It's time to empower ourselves, to recover our sexuality and creativity. It's time to belong to ourselves.