Another Ocean

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This film picture was captured at the Courtney Campbell Highway Causeway soon before the sunset. I frame my pictures to make them seem very far away from urban life. This picture was taken only a few feet away from the busy highway, but it seems like it was taken in a quiet place surrounded by ocean. I focus on more dream-like parts of my surroundings rather than the organized and monotonous patterns of suburbia. Though the ocean and sky also seem mundane in this, they also seems to envelop my friend in a wash of ethereal blue. This quietness in this picture also replicates how it feels to spend time with her because it is as if the world melts away until it is only us left in our own little space. She is a necessary part of my surroundings as it does not feel like home without her.

Alannee May Noel , Fine Art C-Type on Matt
254.00mm x 369.00mm, 10.00" x 14.50"
349.00mm x 508.00mm, 13.80" x 20.00"
102.00mm x 148.00mm, 4.00" x 5.80"