An unexpected meeting

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I was about to leave Sequoia National Park when, from the corner of my eye I saw a beautiful clearing bathed in fog. Without thinking, I ran to take some pictures.

When I reached the clearing I heard the crack of breaking twigs, and I can't say that I was not afraid, as the park is home to black bears and there are many signs warning visitors to beware.

Justyna Zduńczyk , Fine Art C-Type on Matt
200.00mm x 300.00mm, 7.90" x 11.80", Limited Edition of 20
300.00mm x 450.00mm, 11.80" x 17.70", Limited Edition of 20
400.00mm x 600.00mm, 15.70" x 23.60", Limited Edition of 20
500.00mm x 750.00mm, 19.70" x 29.50", Limited Edition of 20