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This picture was taken during the Holy Week in Canose of Puglia (a small town in a region full of history, art, culture, traditions, excellence at south of Italy), before easter. Iit portrays a small part of the religious ritual of the procession of the Madonna della Desolata during the morning of the Holy Saturday. There is a chorus composed by 380 women between 20 and 60 years, not professional singers, but shared by the same faith, strictly black dressed with the face completely hidden by a curtain, composed by vibrant and unique voices wich accompany the statue of the Madonna della Desolata for the death of Christ during the Holy Friday, depicted on the rock of the Sepulcher with the scripture "Sepulcrum domini", through the impeccable guide of Master Mimmo Masotina, who for 50 years has directed with passion and dedication the Choir of the Desolate, leaving his son his same role since last edition, that give rhythm to an evocative hymn composed by penetrating sounds wich give rise to strong emotions, From the poetic text of Jacopone da Todi (1233-1306), repeated more and more time during the path which crosses the most antique area of the town, the beginning and the end is the Saints Biagio and Francesco Church, a strong need to cry which quenches only with pain contemplation of the Virgin Desolate. Photographic concept in a strict black and white proposition, structured on one image synthesizing iconic and symbolic power by searching for some details of one of the most followed regional religious event.

Vincenzo Fratepietro , Fine Art Giclée on Hahnemühle Pearl
252.00mm x 470.00mm, 9.90" x 18.50", Limited Edition of 50
107.00mm x 200.00mm, 4.20" x 7.90"
200.00mm x 373.00mm, 7.90" x 14.70"