Fredrik Lerneryd

Every Wednesday at Spurgeon's Academy, a school in the heart of Kibera's maze of narrow streets, students remove the classroom furniture and sweep the floor.  School uniforms are exchanged for colourful clothes.

When teacher Mike Wamaya enters the classroom, the students take up positions with one hand on the concrete wall as though it were a ballet bar. Classical music plays from a portable speaker, and ballet class begins.

The class is organised by the charities Annos Africa and One Fine Day and repeated in slums across Kenya. In Nairobi, they work with two schools in Kibera and one in Mathare.

Dance helps the children to express themselves and strengthens their self-confidence and belief that they can achieve greatness.  Several children have had their talent spotted and now attend Dance Centre Kenya in a smart area of Nairobi, moving from the harsh conditions of the slum to boarding school nearby.

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