Anastasiia Vasylenko

My name is Anastasiia Vasylenko, I am 19 years old law student from Kiev, Ukraine. I started to make photos in the age of 14.

My first photography experience took place in family travels, but this process did not bring me too much pleasure. Whole thing changed when I realized that photography can be different, it can speak to you, bring you to other places, make you feel what artists wanted you to feel.   I have never studied photography. Everything I do is based on my instincts and view. I started to use camera recently, so significant part of my works - mobile photography. 

My works have never been featured and this is first competition I participate in. I find inspiration in arts and vanity. I am literally getting exited from viewing constant move in big cities, so urban minimalism is present in substantial part of my photos.

I am trying to capture various landscapes and inhabitants of the city. I can not stay in terms of one genre for long, so I am experimenting with abstract, portrait and nature photography.

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