Alejandro Marquez Perez

Positive messages are those that are constructive, optimistic or confident. When I began researching plastic pollution I was suffocated by shocking images of pollution; piles of plastic on the ocean floor, innocent animals suffering from the consequences of our behaviour. More than just bottles and bags, plastic items like lighters, disposable diapers, pens, forks, cups, even a plastic clown nose, can be deadly in the ocean when they degrade into small pieces that choke fish. The challenge was the insensitivity that has developed over time to images of oceans flooded with plastics. I believe in positivity, so decided that this series of photos should be free of plastic pollution and show the ocean as it is supposed to be. Life is my motivation and I choose to make a difference not because someone told me to do so, but because every living being deserve my efforts. I choose life.

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